Why are Pyroswitches (PSS) needed?

Prevention of short-circuits, caused by accidents

  • In many wire harness the starter/generator cable remains unprotected.
  • In case of a crash, damaged and unprotected cables could lead to a hazardous situations for passengers and/or rescuers.
  • Prevention of short-circuits which can lead to thermal event and burn.
  • Prevention of battery draining. Power is needed for important functions.


Investigations conducted by DEKRA (Deutscher-Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein) establish that almost 90% of road traffic accidents cause subsequent fire at speeds above 80 km/h. The conclusion to be drawn is that the extreme deformation of the vehicle body causes an earth fault of the thickest electrical conductor, the cable between the battery and the starter / generator.

Ignition and smoldering fires

In the case of such short-circuits, there can be direct ignition caused by sparks or arcing or, equally hazardous, smoldering fires occur as a result of the enormous heat development. Apart from the hot parts in the engine compartment, the electrical energy stored in the battery forms the primary source of ignition in the car. 

Safety in the manufacturing line - for your applications, too.

Disconnection systems and pyrotechnical safety battery terminals are approved standard of the automotive industry. You can trust the experience and high quality requirements of the vehicle industry and use the PSS Pyroswitch of Autoliv. 


    New Product Very High Voltage PSS-X2 / ADS-1000

    Please check out our new Very High Voltage PSS-X2 / ADS-1000

    Suitable for voltage levels up to 1.000 VDC

    Current switching capability up to 30.000 A

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    CIBF China International Battery Fair Shenzhen 2021

    Pyroswitch at "CIBF China International Battery Fair Shenzhen 2021" 

    China International Battery Fair is the world's largest trade fair devoted to batteries

    The CIBF - China International Battery Fair is the world's largest trade fair devoted to batteries and takes place every two years in Shenzhen. The organizer of the fair CIAPS is China's leading association for battery technology. Exhibitors present not only all kinds of battery products and production technologies, but also machinery, equipment, materials, metrology and testing technology and therefore all segment of the industry are united under one roof. The CIBF is an ideal platform to demonstrate the competitiveness of companies, to build production capacity and to learn about the latest technologies, trends and innovations on the market. With the increasing importance of China in the high-energy storage sector the international importance of CIBF increases. Besides an additional incentive is created by the accompanying conference.

    The CIBF China International Battery Fair will take place on 3 days from Friday, 19. March to Sunday, 21. March 2021 in Shenzhen.

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